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SWeeT~N~ELiTe BuiLD - A Miss Rarity PC
So I got bored and decided to make another Mane 6 themed PC.  This time around, I figured I would go with Miss Rarity  Raritystarry

I needed a white case, obviously, so I landed on the Phanteks Evolve ITX case with the full tempered glass window.  Model PH-ES215PTG to be exact.  It is fairly heavy, but thin, steel.  And painted well.  The case as a whole weighs over 15 pounds, and packing away more bacon than Hormel  Rainbowwild

Some basic specs:

Heart  Asrock x99e-itx
Heart  8gb Corsair Dominator Platinum
Heart  Probably like 250GB Samsung M.2
Heart  EVGA Supernova 1000w
Heart  Too Many 120/140mm Purple LED Corsair fans
Heart  Corsair H60 watercooler
Heart  EVGA GTX 1050 (150,000ppd)
Heart  Intel 2620v4 XEON

Ignore the mess in my computer-building room.  It gets messy  Ajbemused

[Image: yCDSb0O.png]

I started of with the all white CableMod 24-pin and 8-pin CPU cables.  I got a large pack of colorful cable management zipties from Amazon.  Screw cable combs.  

[Image: eEX1u22.jpg]

[Image: WqbNLfk.jpg]

I wanted some fancy decorations, so I found a sterling silver cutiemark for Rarity with a gem  Raritystarry 

[Image: 7NsZdum.jpg]

I bought a GTX 1050 to tie me over until GPUs are back in the land of sane.  It doesn't need any power cables.  I spruced up the interior with more unnecessary decor  Twilightsmile

[Image: vWKk9RL.jpg]

[Image: M7qwudg.jpg]

Throw on some sexy glass and voila!

[Image: oS1QGZM.jpg]

FaBuLoSiTY  Raritystarry   Duck   Raritywink 
Enough Pony to make any non-brony cringe.

 Heart Heart Pinkiesmile 

And more hearts, because it's Valentines day  Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart

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Nice job... gives me ideas to make my next PC less of a generic mess^^
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Quote:It is fairly heavy, but thin, steel. And painted well. The case as a whole weighs over 15 pounds, and packing away more bacon than Hormel

Shh! Don't let Rarity hear you even hinting that she's fat!

Quote:Enough Pony to make any non-brony cringe.

Hiiggy's sadistic plan:

1: Build exact same system and case, with the exception of the pony decorations. Leave the gem decorations

2: Sell to non-brony

3: Tell buyer it is a pony themed build two weeks later

4: No refunds
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I really don't like the 24-pin being on top (oh my).  Kinda pointless to do Cablemod for that one.  The Rainbow Dash build had the 24-pin on the side to show it off.  

[Image: huY3Sv9.jpg]

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