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Brony@Home "Burn it up" 2015 Summer Competition
Basic Competition Information
Competition runs June 14th 2015 0:00 UTC to August 14th 2015 0:00 UTC.
Competitors must run Folding@home on team 212997 and post in this thread to sign-up.
Prizes are distributed with a point-based system.

Competing in the competition
To get started, just download and install the software at the very top of the page of the Folding@home website
Pick a username to fold under (it automatically registers it when setting up the software)
Set a quick little passkey (optional, but recommended)
Set the team to 212997 (very important, go pony power!)
In addition to installing the software, make a post in this thread saying "Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is SirFoldAlot even though my username on this forum is RainbowCrash41902."

About the Competition
The folding@home software is biological simulation software for research done at colleges across the world. It performs many calculations, and places a significant load on your system, causing your hardware to heat up. While the program is designed to go unnoticed by reducing its usage in real time to prevent disruptions to your own usage, you can also limit the maximum usage of the program to keep heat at a safe level. Monitor the first few minutes of running the software, and adjust accordingly, especially on laptops. In most cases, no adjustment is necessary though.

Because Folding@home does not count bonus points unless you complete 10 units or more, I highly suggest you set up the software several days before the competition starts. When the competition ends you can of course stop the software, however you would be stopping your computer from doing research. The whole point of this competition is to get ponies running the software on their computers for ongoing biological research.

Like the last competition, there is one prize category. The more you fold and get points, the more likely you are to win a prize (based on a ticket system).

List of Prizes
  1. Video card, AMD R9 290 (or future equivalent)
  2. A traditional colored commission from flowbish *
  3. A painterly pony commission from viwrastupr ($45 value) *
  4. A colored sketch from Grenadder *
  5. A fluttershy poster made by Tsitra360 signed by Tsitra360 and Andrea Libman
  6. A "Love & Tolerate" poster signed by Laurn Faust, Tara Strong, and John de Lancie. (donated by pinormous)
  7. Batman: Arkham Knight video game (donated by pinormous)
  8. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GTX Game Bundle (donated by pinormous)
(* Art commissions must be used within one week of being claimed by a winner.)

Competition Stats

Stats are automatically updated hourly. New competitors are added manually so it may take a few hours.
"Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake/davidfg4!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is Ruthalas even though my username on this forum is Ruthalas."


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[Image: sigimage.php?e=ruthalas&b=pinkie1]
Just found out that my air conditioner and computer are on the same circuit... Facehoof It'll be interesting to see just how quickly I can pop that breaker, I'm in.
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=DeadMansReach&FAHTe...inbowdash2]
Likes: Ruthalas
I can join in September! x.x Unfortunately, for the summer I am with my parents, who would freak if I gave them a $300+ electricity bill. Once I'm back in my apartment, I'm free to go 24/7 with both my 780 and 970.
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Because it is summer, my numbers won't be quite as high. Massive heat from overclocking.
Folding name: Talifan9.
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=Talifan9&FAHTeam=16...=twilight1]
This caught me right as I started getting back into folding.
my folding name: SweetSkies
can't wait!
[Image: sigimage.php?u=669542&t=212997&b=sweetskies]
I'm in! Even thought I won't have my new PC for the start of it :(

My F@H name is RoBorg
Even though I had to step away from folding for a bit... count me in! My folding name is beartwigs even though my forum name is beartwig.
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Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is BestPony and my username on this forum is also BestPony.
[Image: sigimage.php?u=652873&t=212997&b=twilight2]
Count me in as well. Username and Folding name are the same. Rainbowkiss

I'll see if I've got anything to give away as well Rainbowwild
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Yay! My first competition Entry!~ Here I go:
"Hey, I guess I love you guys but don't really know you all too well, especially this tiwake dude, but I really want to join this competition. My folding name is the same as my forum name which is KTOdius."

How did I do?

Anyway I am not interested in the first prize *gasp* but second prize and onwards will be nice, If I do get it. Twilightblush

Good luck to everyone.
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Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is mollusk even though my username on this forum is mollusk.
I'm in! folding name is same as forum. Let's get a big boost towards Icrontic's team!

EDIT: New gear arrived, WOOT!
[Image: 7yU43BP.jpg]
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Fluttershy poster recognized.
Temperature throttle removed.
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Likes: handyj443
It looks like there'll be some tough competition so I bought some supplies Rainbowdetermined2

[Image: dlj3b6.jpg]
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