Telomeres are genetic sequences found at the ends of DNA. They shorten with cell division and are linked to aging.

2015 New Years Folding Competition
2015 Folding@home competition!
Competition will start at 0UTC January 1st 2015 at the beginning of the year and end at 0UTC March 1st 2015

First step

Read This Entire ThreadTwilightangry2
If everypony reads the entirety of this thread everything will be better off.

Competing in the competition
To get started, just download and install the software at the very top of the page of the Folding@home website
Pick a username to fold under (it automatically registers it when setting up the software)
Set a quick little passkey (optional, but recommended)
Set the team to 212997 (very important, go pony power!)
In addition to installing the software, make a post in this thread saying "Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is SirFoldAlot even though my username on this forum is RainbowCrash41902."

Signups are closed!
But Don't worry, you can still fold for the team to make science happen. We will also likely have another competition starting June first June 14th.

About the Competition
The folding@home software is biological simulation software for research done at colleges across the world. It performs many calculations, and places a significant load on your system, causing your hardware to heat up. While the program is designed to go unnoticed by reducing its usage in real time to prevent disruptions to your own usage, you can also limit the maximum usage of the program to keep heat at a safe level. Monitor the first few minutes of running the software, and adjust accordingly, especially on laptops. In most cases, no adjustment is necessary though.

Because Folding@home does not count bonus points unless you complete 10 units or more, I highly suggest you set up the software several days before the competition starts. When the competition ends you can of course stop the software, however you would be stopping your computer from doing research. The whole point of this competition is to get ponies running the software on their computers for ongoing biological research.

There will be one prize category this time, for those of you who have competed before. This one will be simple: The more you fold and get points, the more likely you are to win a prize (based on a ticket system).

If you want to donate something for a prize, please PM me the details with pictures/links for what it is.
List of Prizes
  1. Video card, AMD R9 290
  2. 15 inch tall Trixie plushy with hat and cape donated by CheeseDeluxe
  3. Elder Scrolls Anthology Edition for PC donated by Talifan9
  4. Poster of WildFire signed by Sibsy (a MLP:FIM writer, and her OC) donated by tiwake
  5. Steam Game XCom Enemy Unknown Complete Pack donated by Sanveefor
  6. Steam Game Just Cause 2 donated by Sanveefor
  7. $25 itunes gift code donated by Asatruar
  8. Xbox 360 game Farcry 3 donated by FluttershySucks
  9. Xbox 360 game Destiny donated by FluttershySucks
  10. Xbox 360 game Borderlands GOTY edition donated by FluttershySucks
  11. Wall Poster donated by tiwake
  12. Steam game Sanctum2 donated by tiwake
  13. Comission from flowbish for a colored drawing
  14. One drawing with outlines by viwrastupr
  15. One full color pony commission from bobdude0
  16. Steam Game Bioshock Infinite donated by beartwig
  17. Steam Game Half-Life 2 and Half-Life episode one donated by OctalPony
  18. Steam Game The Ship donated by OctalPony
  19. Steam key for Amnesia Dark Descent donated by Talifan9
  20. Steam Game Super Hexagon donated by Sanveefor
  21. Steam Game Frozen Synapse donated by Sanveefor
  22. (4x copies) Steam Game Terraria donated by Sanveefor

List of Competitors
  1. 007ghg7
  2. Alca7raz
  3. Angel_Bunny
  4. anoa
  5. Archimondde
  6. BackgroundPony
  7. Bandaidpatchy
  8. Bash4
  9. beartwigs
  10. Beecher
  11. BigIsBig453
  12. BilltheExtraGuy
  13. BlenderPony
  14. Brolf_Pog
  15. bronyracer
  16. BronyTime001
  17. CheeseDeluxe
  18. Choco31415
  19. ChocoScoots
  20. Cobalt769
  21. Corruscare
  22. coy1010allen
  23. CP-Mars
  24. CrazyRain
  25. CreeperInDisguise
  26. cubedparadox
  27. CyberPwn3
  28. Danpyre
  29. DanSparkle
  30. davidfg4
  31. DeadMansReach
  32. deathwilldie
  33. DeviousFate
  34. diatorker
  35. DJDavid98
  36. Drakee_Skalor
  37. Dreamsweet
  38. drp-drp
  39. dumbrock
  40. Dylan_Raub
  41. elitemage
  42. FireFrets
  43. Firestar
  44. Flutter2014
  45. FluttershySucks
  46. Frosty_Sauce
  47. GameOverZeu5
  48. General_Steve
  49. Haiku_Knives
  50. handyj443
  51. Joshywooful
  52. kekerino
  53. Keradon
  54. Krebs830
  55. Krystal_Flores
  56. Lamaredia
  57. locodash11
  58. M4R10zM0113R
  59. Masonpony
  60. Meat_PoPsiclez
  61. MeettheTechnician
  62. Minuette
  63. Morning_Glow
  64. Mort
  65. MrDeeJay
  66. mrmo123
  67. Naveek_Darkroom
  68. Nightsun33
  69. Nilaru
  70. ninchaokin
  71. nnnn20430
  72. NovaTheBro
  73. Oatz
  74. OctalPony
  75. Oddponi
  76. P0N135
  77. Persona
  78. pharmafolder
  79. PoNyePiC
  80. presentfactory
  81. PrinceSpyro
  82. ps17473
  83. PsychicWalnut
  84. QuantaFlash
  85. Questrion
  86. RainbowsAreMagic
  87. Retrotom
  88. RoBorg
  89. Ruthalas
  90. samus217
  91. Sanveefor
  92. ScarletCrystalPrism
  93. SciTwi
  94. Sellyme
  95. Sgtwaflez
  96. ShadyLightz
  97. ShadySound
  98. SightUnseenToS
  99. Silver_Starguard
  100. SparkleCrafter
  101. Spazturtle
  102. Stormdancer
  103. Stratege
  104. Sturds
  105. SugarGrape
  106. SurvivingShadow
  107. Szkieletor
  108. Talifan9
  109. TeaShark
  110. techniponi
  111. ThunderStrike
  112. TwitchyCake
  113. Uncreative719
  114. Vote4Saxon
  115. WaveFunction
  116. wavepattern
  117. Wire_Wolf
  118. Xyphyr
  119. yadyn
  120. Yarny
  121. Zacc
  122. Ziero1986

Feel free to ask about anything if things are unclear.
Cheers, and may the best pony win. Rainbowdetermined2
IRC channel Yay for brony@home ( #foldingismagic)

[Image: sigimage.php?u=605723&t=212997&b=twilight3]

Likes: Talifan9 , davidfg4
Oh Tiwake-chan~ I would like to compete. My folding name is the same as my username, Talifan9.
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=Talifan9&FAHTeam=16...=twilight1]
Yay! I would like to compete. Username is davidfg4 in case you couldn't guess. :P

I just need to switch my servers over to F@H.
T-Tiwake-sama, you would honor me by letting me compete...

My folding name should be the same: CheeseDeluxe.
[Image: sigimage.php?u=666096&t=212997&b=pinkie1]
Oh Great & Powerful TiWaKe Trixieshiftright, I would be honored to compete Twilightsmile

The Folding name would be something like PoNyePiC

And go figure, I just sold my big computer, my largest source of points, hence the drop in points Facehoof

[Image: sigimage.php?u=658963&t=212997&b=rainbowdash1]
(2014-12-19, 03:42:36 PM)tiwake Wrote: "My folding name is SirFoldAlot even though my username on this forum is RainbowCrash41902."

And it'll be great to see SirFoldAlot folding again. He hasn't finished a work unit since February 2012 Rainbowlaugh

SirFoldAlot's Stats


[Image: sigimage.php?u=658963&t=212997&b=rainbowdash1]
Sorry I won't be running this competition like usual, guys. A combination of work, lack of internet at 40 000 ft, and stuck on a granny laptop will keep me out of this one. Should return to my former glory before the next competition comes around though!

(2014-12-19, 03:42:36 PM)tiwake Wrote: Cheers, and may the best pony win. Rainbowdetermined2

Clearly that's going to be Tavi

Shots Fired
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=hiigaran&FAHTeam=21...hangeling1]
Hey guys. It's been awhile since i've stopped by here Twilightblush

I'm still folding for a different team, but i'll screw around with my client settings some time soon and see if i can set up my GPU to fold on a different passkey/team.
If that works then i will help you guys with your competition. Pinkiehappy
[Image: sigimage.php?u=624866&t=37726&b=spitfire1]
Uh, ah... tiwake-sempai?
I would like to compete as well!

My folding name is: Ruthalas
[Image: sigimage.php?w=2943722&p=81403693&u=6423...&b=pinkie1]
[Image: sigimage.php?e=ruthalas&b=pinkie1]
Woot Woot, been waiting a while for this one. Sign me up, same as name.
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=DeadMansReach&FAHTe...inbowdash2]
I'll join up to this, even though I have no chance in hell to win with only doing CPU folding... Folding name same as forum name
[Image: sigimage.php?u=627505&t=212997&b=fluttershy1]
seriously, you guys need to go tell more people about this. Also, more prizes wouldent hurt. I'll try to get a picture of the signed poster within the next day.

(2014-12-20, 05:15:46 PM)Nightsun33 Wrote: I'll join up to this, even though I have no chance in hell to win with only doing CPU folding...

I'ts a ticket based system, the more you fold the more tickets you get. Like a raffle.
IRC channel Yay for brony@home ( #foldingismagic)

[Image: sigimage.php?u=605723&t=212997&b=twilight3]

Likes: Ruthalas
I would also like to take part in this, haven't had FAH running since summer and this is a good of a time as any to start it up again.
Folding name is the same (Alca7raz)
[Image: sigimage.php?u=656848&t=212997&b=rainbowdash1]
"Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name and forum username is CyberPwn3.
I would like to take part in this. My folding name is MeettheTechnician.