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Give us your money!
Brony@Home needs donations! We're running another massive competition in slightly over a month, and while we have a decent amount of money in the kitty, we don't have anywhere near enough to produce the amount of prizes at the stunning quality you guys did in January and February.

Things are different this time around. We feel like we'll get more attention to the team and to our projects if we have a dozen or two small prizes, and then one or two massive ones, such as a mid/high end video card. However, we need your help to make this happen!

While we will still gladly accept prize donations, we urge anyone who can to donate money so we can cover a big drawcard prize.

As this is your money, if you have any specific thing you want it to be spent on (server costs, F@H prize, hiring a webdev so the site doesn't look like shit, prize for some other project, etc), feel free to contact Hiig or myself, but otherwise we'll just put it to use on whatever needs it the most. No money donated to B@H goes into our pockets.

If you can't donate any money, as I said earlier, if you have any hardware lying around unused, some Steam gifts, are good at making pony art or sculptures, or have any other talent or object you think would make a good prize, feel free to post in this thread, those are still hugely appreciated.

If you can't help out there, either, not to fret! You can still help us out immensely by adding an AdBlock+ exception for bronyathome.org. Ad revenue is the largest source of our income, and without it this site would not be here. We promise that our ads aren't very intrusive.

(More info on the competition will be coming soon!)

Oh right, and by donating, you get a nice little user rank and muffin:

[Image: StarDonator.png]
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