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Member of the Month (April Nominations)
Well, now that our competition has finished, Selly and I shall unveil our next little programme for all you fine folks: Member of the Month.

The Member of the Month will be awarded to the person voted by the community to be the most useful contributor to the team, be it through an outstanding contribution and dedication towards increasing the score of our team, assisting us with gaining exposure and bringing in new members, or being a friendly, useful member around the forums. Ideally, the member should have a combination of these qualities.

Here's how this works:

Step 1: Either Selly or myself will make a thread for users to nominate who they think should be awarded the title "Member of the Month", along with a prize.

Step 2: Forum members (that's you guys) nominate users who they think have been significant contributors to the team. To emphasise: Points are not the only criteria. Also take into account the user's promotion of the team, their willingness to help new users, their contributions towards the community (in the forms of this forum and the IRC channel), and as a whole just how much they'd be missed if they weren't a part of Brony@Home.

Step 3: All the users who have been nominated are put into a forum poll for users to vote on. Again, points are not the only criteria, and you should vote for the user who you think is the best asset to the entire community.

Step 4: The user with the most votes is given a special usergroup, a custom title, and a small prize (estimated value of around $10, yet to be determined).

There are a few base rules, though:
  • You cannot nominate or vote for yourself. Any attempt to do so will be ignored.
  • Any attempt to use fake accounts to nominate or vote for yourself will result in your immediate disqualification from all further competitions and give-aways. We can track multiple accounts made by the same person with ease.
  • You cannot win the title "Folder of the Month" if you have won it in the 6 months beforehand*. This is to ensure that a single user doesn't win every single month. It's best to give more people a chance.
  • The user being nominated must have some form of activity in at least one of our distributed computing projects, be it Folding@Home, BOINC, or otherwise, provided they are contributing for the team. While we don't want to put too much of an emphasis on the importance of points, it is kind of important to make sure they're actually helping the team.
  • You may only nominate one user. It's easier to manage, and there's no real reason to allow multiple nominations: a user wouldn't receive the majority of votes if they were no-one's first pick.

*This number is subject to change, depending on the amount of nominees in the first few months.

Nominations are always open, so you may put someone up whenever you please. On the 1st of next month, a poll will be held for users to vote for nominated users, and will remain open for a week, after which the polls will close, and a winner is announced.

As with everything involving the awarding of prizes, I will exclude myself from both nominating someone, and being nominated.

With that said, you may begin nominating members for the current month!
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