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[Worklog] Secondary/backup computer from savaged parts
So this my secondary/backup computer and it's built completely from salvaged and/or reused components. 

The case, PSU and hard drive are from an old AMD sempron computer that I got from my fathers workplace because the motherboard had died. I got the motherboard, processor and ram from a relative after I upgraded her computer. The graphics card (the only part I payed for) I got second hand for 35 euro including postage. 

[Image: 8yJclww.jpg]

Part list: 

Intel core 2 Duo E4500

Asrock G31m-GS

2GB DDR2 ram

Club 3D HD 7850

Old 160 GB IDE hard drive 

FSP group atx-300gtf PSU

+ a WLAN Card

Of coarse I'm also gonna use it for folding too Pinkiesmile . I have overclocked the GPU at 1000 MHz and its getting 55-75k PPD. I would overclock it more but according to OuterVision Power Supply Calculator the system is using about 293W at full load so my 300W psu is hitting its limits.   Derpytongue2

[Image: urIPWU5.jpg]
The PSU only has a 20 pin connector without the 4 pin adaptor But is works perfectly fine. 
[Image: HuMrxKs.jpg]

For some reason the i/o plate and the screw holes for the cards don't line up properly so I used these twist ties mount the graphics and wlan cards.  Twilightblush
[Image: TC56OkW.jpg]
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