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Closure of B@H server - hiigaran - 2018-08-17

Hey everyone. Got an important update.

The server B@H is hosted on is planning to shut down in the near future. This may be in a month, or in a year; there's no set time as of yet. Unfortunately, I have no new server in mind, as this site was always hosted for free, thanks to Chekkaa, owner of Neonshift.

I see one of two things happening in the inevitable future. Either I find someone willing to host our site voluntarily, or it will completely shut down. If the latter becomes reality, B@H will still remain active through the Canternet IRC #foldingismagic, but I may look into supplementing communications via alternatives. Perhaps through the Equestria Daily forums and/or Derpibooru's forums.

Several of you have probably seen me say this often, but I have neglected the site a lot. Unfortunately, as a result of my company being short by 6000 crew, me, and many others have been working the legal maximum hours in a rolling 12 month period for over half a year now. The fact that I'm also studying for my pilot's licenses in whatever leftover free time I have just further compounds this issue. I just don't feel like doing any extra work.

Speaking of, I spent a lot of time considering if someone else might be able to take over the running and ownership of B@H, and I figured given the massive user base there is, EqD might have been a good candidate. Like myself though, the guys in charge over there also have a lot on their plates, which is a pity. I know that they've got more regulars than we could ever get over here. So that option is out.

I'll keep you guys updated on changes as they come.

RE: Closure of B@H server - davidfg4 - 2018-08-18

I may be able to host the site. I have a linode VPS with nginx and MySQL where I already host a number of other sites. I can't guarantee updates or anything but it'd be nice to keep it up.

RE: Closure of B@H server - hiigaran - 2018-08-18

I've got a flight tomorrow, so I'll be unavailable for 3 or 4 days. I can message you on IRC when I get back if I don't end up sleeping the day away.

RE: Closure of B@H server - RoBorg - 2018-08-18

I also have a Linode I could host it on. I don't have a huge amount of free time at the moment for improvements and posting new stuff, but can certainly take over hosting.

RE: Closure of B@H server - davidfg4 - 2018-08-22

New host test post!