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Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2014-12-18

Hello Gentlecolts and Mares!

In the not-to-distant-future Everfree Northwest 2015 will be coming up, and Babscon shortly before it.

Our good friend tiwake has posited that we ought to have a booth at EFNW.
At this booth we will be giving away the promotional posters that are about to be printed.
We are also looking into business cards with Brony@home information on them.

In the meantime, we are looking for ideas for other swag / decor that could liven up our booth. Any ideas?

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2014-12-20

For the tables for both EverfreeNW and Babscon I would like a videocard random giveaway, to everyone who signs up for it. Donno if this is feasible or not, as it would be rather expensive for the group.

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2015-01-07

Tiwake, have you acquired said booth?

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2015-04-15

Alright, I have about 650 posters and this thing

Last I knew Brony@Home basically had an "auxiliary table" secured for everfreeNW 2015, but I'm not absolutely positive on this yet.
Colgate and Ruthalas said they could help out with the table, but neither one wants to stay there for the duration of the convention. I myself cant go because I spent all my money in a convention (babscon) already Twilightblush

In addition to the posters, I'll get whoever is manning the table each a couple Brony@Home shirts. Make it look more official.

So yeah, we kinda need one or two more people to help out at the table. Preferably someone who can stay at the table the entire time.

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2015-04-15


RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2015-04-15

(2015-04-15, 12:57:27 PM)Ruthalas Wrote: WHAT DO THESE FABLED TSHIRTS LOOK LIKE?

[Image: IMG_4666.JPG]

For one of the competitions, I have one of them signed by Peter New and Daniel Ingram :3 I have not decided if its going in the june 14th, 2015 competition or not.

but anyway, yeah, shirts for whoever mans the table.

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2015-04-16

Email that I just got.

Quote:Hello Tiwake,

As far as an auxiliary table, we are looking into getting one setup in our sponsor area, however as far as registration for anypony that is manning the booth, this was not discussed as far as giving special privileges due to the nature of your request. It was the understanding that Brony@Home would be able to promote with no cost to them at an auxiliary table supplied to them.

What is still being worked out at this time is the size of the table, which I am also discussing with Hotel to see what we have available as far as something that is smaller than the standard vendor table but large enough to place flyers on, since it is something that may not be currently available. In which case we could still work something out as far as allowing you to have a space to pass out flyers.

So to recap, as far as I know, anypony that will be manning the table will need to register for a standard badge and as per our agreement, will be able to be stationed at the auxiliary space in our sponsor area in order to promote Brony@Home without any costs for the extra table. However, currently we do not know exactly the size, as it is currently being reviewed with our Hotel Liaison.

Jer "OmniJerBear" Flores
Everfree NW Vendor's Hall Lead

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2015-04-16

Good to know. I have a badge for the weekend myself.

Does anypony recall when the schedules were out last year?

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2015-04-18

So I'd love to help man (pony?) the table.

I'd prefer to volunteer time after the schedule comes out though.

Is that too inconvenient?

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2015-05-06

Alright, news time! an email I just received...

Quote:Hello tiwake,

First the bad news, we were unfortunately unable to secure you an auxiliary table in the sponsorship section due to safety and fire code reasons.

However, the good news, we do have a table that will be setup in registration where we will have conbooks available where you can also put your flyers for brony@home, unfortunately we could not find a way to allow a representative to be at the table as well due to, once again, safety and fire code.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have created, but we hope this is a good enough compromise that you'll consider continuing your relationship with Everfree NW in the future in order for us to have more time to resolve this issue.

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - Ruthalas - 2015-05-07

Ok, so we basically just drop off the posters? Do you think they'd allow a small display explaining what they are?

RE: Everfree Booth Discussion - tiwake - 2015-05-07

I have no idea. Possibly?