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Ongoing site issues (No longer ongoing!) - hiigaran - 2014-11-27

For those of who who haven't noticed, the site theme has changed drastically. I have done this as a temporary solution to an ongoing problem that appears to have started last night. No idea what happened, but there was some parsing issue in one of the site files which caused the entire forum to fail to load as a result. I have fixed this issue, but for some reason, the CSS handling the original colour scheme of the forums was broken as well. As I am short on time, and will be away for about 5 days, this is the best I can do under the circumstances.


RE: Ongoing site issues - RoBorg - 2014-11-27

Uh oh, I hope it's not anything to do with this security flaw Twilightoops

The timing does seem a little suspicious...

RE: Ongoing site issues - hiigaran - 2014-11-27

I recall Selly mentioning in IRC or some other place that we weren't affected by some major security flaw.

Even though there are still security fixes being released for 1.6, I need to make preparations to upgrade the forum to 1.8. It's going to be a painful process, since I believe there will be several plugin incompatibilities, and templates determining the look of the site will be changed.

Whatever the case, I will not be doing anything for the next five days, unless Selly does something.

RE: Ongoing site issues - tiwake - 2014-11-27

Just upgrade and break everything, then slowly pick through the pieces and force them together even if they dont fit.

RE: Ongoing site issues - hiigaran - 2014-11-27

Soooo...Business as usual then?

As you folks can see, back to normal! Had a tiny bit of extra time before needing to leave, so i took some advice from Cam over IRC. Cheers mate!